My Favorite Quotes
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 Brad Andera - “Our seniors had a good couple of days, I'd like to congratulate them. And as for our underclassmen, it's time for them to start thinking about next year.”
 Brad Andera - “As far as the team goes, other than Riley, we left some strokes out on the course today. We'll get back after it, starting in Pierre on Monday.”
 Brad Andera - “Every stroke counts. We've played well but there's room for improvement. I'm sure we'll play a little worse at times and a little better at times. We want everyone to put it together on the same day.”
 Hanna Skandera - “We were looking for something that was valid and reliable . . . for something that would measure teacher effectiveness that was neutral. This measures student improvement and the value that teachers bring to student improvement.”
 Hanna Skandera - “This is more about a different way of trying to measure progress than trying to favor any group of students or schools.”
 Brad Andera - “We'd been playing a lot lately and there was nothing on the line. It was kind of a practice round and the kids had more of a free-swinging attitude. Some guys ballooned up a little and some played well.”
 Hanna Skandera - “Every state gets to choose their tests and to define the achievement levels required. And so states vary widely in their expectations of what students should know.”
 Brad Andera - “I'm really happy for Riley. The fact that he was able to go out and win the ESD, that's a pretty big accomplishment.”