My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Anderes - “The major reason is that we think it's a real incentive, hence the name, it will get students to graduate on time.”
 Tom Anderes - “They get through school faster, we have a greater capacity in the university to serve more students.”
 Tom Anderes - “If you're taking fewer semester credit hours than would allow you to graduate on time, in other words if you're taking 12, 13 or 14 hours there's going to be a penalty, you're going to have to pay more.”
 Tom Anderes - “Let's assume you've taken 27 semester credit hours in the Fall and the spring - you need three hours to get to 30. If you get 3 hours during the Summer we'll rebate you 50 a semester credit hour so that we offset some of the cost you had to pay in the Fall and the Spring.”