My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Zanders - “If you're used to scoring 70 points a game and suddenly you're in games in the 30s and 40s, that's a heck of an adjustment.”
 Andy Landers - “They are important and exciting games to look forward to. We are anticipating going into Baton Rouge and doing what not many teams have been able to.”
 Paul Sanders - “We recognize that no walled garden is going to be 100 per cent safe,”
 Donna Sanders - “He always had this immaculate garden. It was gorgeous.”
 Steve Sanders - “We have been a leader in electronic trading since 1977 and we want to help the next generation of technology engineers advance their careers and learn about more opportunities in capital markets.”
 Jack Sanders - “Like many other men of considerable means, Mr. Pierrepont performed acts of kindness and generosity without saying anything about them. He was a shy and gentle man of strong character.”
 Sen. Sanders - “It's hard to deal with the personal exemption and not give everybody a tax break.”
 Mark Sanders - “We started this for the kids. We wanted to try to get it going, give the kids something to do. Even the high school kids hang out here on the weekend now.”
 Randy Sanders - “I hope this will give our team the shot in the arm it needs to get back on track for the rest of the season.”
 Jack Sanders - “They want out (of jail) so bad that they give me all good information.”
 Andy Landers - “We had to give some things up in the second half.”
 Charles Sanders - “I would suspect the possibilities are good we would do that.”
 Reggie Sanders - “I think I've been in some good situations where I've been on teams that needed a couple key players but already had their nucleus intact,”
 Amy Sanders - “They started out so fast but once we switched to a zone, they slowed down and we started to pick it up. Even though we don't use a lot of players, I think we're in pretty good shape and we don't slow down the whole game.”
 Andy Landers - “Good shooters got good shots and knocked them down. I'm not surprised. We have good shooters and when they get hot and stroke it we can really knock it down.”
 Andy Landers - “The kids did what we wanted them to do all day. When you do that good a job and mess up at the end, it hurts.”
 Joe Sanders - “She's really good -- tremendous. She's really a quick kid and really explosive. She was hard to stop last year and it will be harder this year.”
 Jeff Sanders - “Of course, I played for Coach Andy Borland and I remember some 630 or 7 a.m. workouts. I can remember getting up at 5 o'clock and walking up here it's a good thing the tradition is there,”
 Jamarr Sanders - “The school has really shown its support. The students came out and supported us and helped us win. It was good that we (boys and girls) could both bring it back.”
 Jamarr Sanders - “I think we have a good shooting team, even if we didn't shoot well (Friday). We know it's a different game when it comes to the Final Four. The arena is different. But it's different for everybody else, too.”
 Randy Sanders - “It's kind of like we've got a car with four leaky tires, ... When you fill them up with air, it runs pretty good. But pretty soon the air runs out of the tires and it's not a very smooth ride at that point.”
 Tim Sanders - “We've got some good kids here, ... Quarterback Lester Smith is a good thrower and we'vegot some kids who are good athletes.”
 Dontez Sanders - “He has no fat on him. He looks like a linebacker or a tight end. He's a very good athlete.”
 Arlen Sanders - “There's a lot of things already in place that I was building in Casey County. They're already here. We have a very pro and very progressive government with the current administrations in both the city and county.”
 Eric Sanders - “There was no 'quid pro quo,' the camera was a gift of gratitude. The recruits were finished with their studies and there was nothing the instructors could do for them.”

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