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 David Andersen - “Although this is still in the planning stage, it is something we are pushing for. These are great ways to raise money because sometimes students want to give donations, but don't have cash on them. We've gotten good responses from both the Bursar's Office and Auxiliary Services.”
 Uwe Andersen - “Both parties have moved on the major issues at hand, and to an extent that they can turn around and sell the deal to their constituencies. That seems to be the main point here.”
 David Andersen - “We are working to bring up our plant just behind the power utility. As such, we hope to be working in terms of weeks not months.”
 David Andersen - “We are working to bring up our plant just behind the power utility. As such, we hope to be working in terms of weeks not months.”
 Tyler Andersen - “Overall, this tournament will be tougher than states. If you go 2-2 or 3-2 there, why can't you do it at states We hope they think if they do it there, they can do it anywhere.”
 Tyler Andersen - “If all of our kids wrestle to their capabilities, they can place. It's a matter of mentally being ready to go. You just hope you're hot and put together a good tournament. We have kids that can do well.”
 Uwe Andersen - “She has done a good job insofar as she hasn't made any mistakes. But we'll have to see how she does on the really big reforms after the state elections before we can judge if she is doing well in a positive sense, rather than just not making mistakes.”
 Peter Andersen - “They would come by land, sea and air and they would come very quickly. This is not something we just started thinking about last week.”
 Hans Christian Andersen - “Thousands of lights were burning on the green branches, and gaily-colored pictures, such as she had seen in the shop-windows, looked down upon her. The little maiden stretched out her hands towards them when--the match went out. The lights of the Christmas tree rose higher and higher, she saw them now as stars in heaven . . .”
 John Andersen - “We outgrew this space a long time ago. It's been cramped as far as in front of house space.”
 Kim Andersen - “It was too bad 'cause he sat with the favorites for a really long time. But once again it shows that Jakob is finding the form like Vande Velde, who has now been given the freedom to ride his own chance, while the others are going to back up Sastre 100.”
 David Andersen - “Honestly, it is a matter of what the students want. Would students rather have a service on campus with a shorter response time, or would they rather have a service that goes off campus with boundaries to Home Park and have a longer response time Because when I met with Parking and Transportation they basically said we can do either or.”
 Kim Andersen - “It was very impressive of Van Heeswijk. He bridged back to the peloton all by himself after his puncture and still had strength left over for the sprint, even though the pace was high towards the end of the stage. Christian Vande Velde crashed during the final descent, but he wasn't seriously hurt and managed to finish in the main peloton, while Linus Gerdemann lost some time because he's suffering from a back ache.”
 Tyler Andersen - “He wrestled hard and he gave all he could. He had a great career. He placed in the region four times and is only the fifth Herndon wrestler to do that.”
 Kim Andersen - “It was definitely a good result because it was a really tough test today, where only those riders who are in shape had any chance of doing well,”
 Arthur Andersen - “And it is, after all, the government that made this bed having rushed to indict on an extraordinary expedited schedule, the Justice Department is in no position to complain if temporary restrictions on the grand jury are necessary to prevent the government from obtaining an unfair and improper advantage trial,”
 Kim Andersen - “We knew improving to second place would be hard, but Carlos did really well today and like last year he came frighteningly close to winning the Vuelta's last time trial. Menchov did well as expected and that didn't leave us much hope. But it was a tough fight out there and we're happy the podium spot is ours without hassle.”
 Uwe Andersen - “I don't think this will bring any trouble for the grand coalition. Beck is also someone who supports the coalition.”
 Hans Andersen - “The Ugly Duckling.”
 Peter Andersen - “Lawyers can't just get off a plane and walk with their briefcases into the courtroom.”
 Kurt Andersen - “It is so much the first among equals of that world.”
 David Andersen - “One option currently under consideration by SGA is to charge students who wish to use the Stingerette for off-campus travel an additional fee. We would like to look at the possibility of having students who rode the Stingerette swipe their BuzzCard for off-campus driving, ... There might be reasons it could not work, but we think it's definitely something worth looking at.”
 Peter Andersen - “Taylor's provisional counsel was assigned as of yesterday. He chose someone from the list of qualified counsels.”
 Peter Andersen - “What we've got here is an ordinance with a lot of loopholes. What we've got here is a City Council trying to win favor with the people, trying to do the right thing to protect the people, but probably more of a symbolic gesture than a real gesture.”
 Arthur Andersen - “I think most people will believe that Arthur Anderson died because (after Enron imploded)”

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