My Favorite Quotes
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 Sophie Anderton - “Smoking is hardest to give up because it's legal. I smoke because I'm addicted - nicotine should be a Class A drug.”
 Katherine Anderton - “The acquisition is significant because it contains stunning ancient redwood trees in an area of the redwood range where there is relatively little old growth left.”
 Phil Anderton - “Ali Russell is a highly talented marketeer, and given the growth potential here at Hearts he has decided to join my team at Tynecastle,”
 Phil Anderton - “He impressed Vladimir with his knowledge and standing and I think he would put far younger men to shame.”
 Katherine Anderton - “We would want to look at the land carefully.”
 Katherine Anderton - “The land is exceptionally beautiful.”
 Phil Anderton - “We are going to take the appropriate time to reach our long-term aspirations.”
 Phil Anderton - “He decided he could not join at that time and we understood that,”
 Phil Anderton - “We will revisit names on the original list because we are in a different situation now,”
 Phil Anderton - “We offered all supporters, via our website, the opportunity to submit their views against four options and overwhelmingly they wanted smoking to be banned in the outdoor sections of the stadium.”
 Phil Anderton - “We have kept in touch since then and he is somebody we respect for obvious reasons.”
 Phil Anderton - “We have changed the objective now to sell out every league game of the season. The response from the fans has been great. We are not going to be complacent, though. There are a number of things we still haven't got right yet but Rome wasn't built in a day.”
 Phil Anderton - “Any suggestion Mr Romanov personally intervened and phoned Dundee United to call off the deal is complete nonsense. If we sell or buy a player it's a financial matter as well as a football issue and the board has a say. The package for Neil MacFarlane wasn't appropriate and so we said 'no'.”
 Sophie Anderton - “I'll miss my AA meetings”
 Phil Anderton - “It would be completely different if they came from Stuttgart, but some of these players are here from Kaunas and there's a measure of influence we can have there,”
 Katherine Anderton - “The proximity of the Bay Area's 7 million residents places our local parks under intense pressure from residential development on their boundaries. Such development disrupts the natural rhythm of the forest.”
 Phil Anderton - “And, in the event of their being unable to agree such numbers not later than 14 days prior to the date of the league match in question, the number of visiting supporters allowed shall be determined by the board whose decision shall be final and binding.”
 Phil Anderton - “He impressed us so much, the debate about his age is not relevant for me,”
 Phil Anderton - “In an ideal world, you would have all your players funded and tied down. It can work the other way. You could bring in a player on big wages and a long contract and find he quickly falls out of form. I'm sure there are numerous examples of that in the past and possibly at Hearts. This way we can look at, for example, Ibrahim Tall (on loan till January) and if he does well, great, we can exercise our option and, if not, say thanks very much and off he goes.”
 Phil Anderton - “We will not be pursuing our interest in this particular player. The club didn't feel that the overall value was right and will therefore now look at other options.”
 Phil Anderton - “It would fantastic if someone like Sir Bobby could come and join us at this club,”
 Sophie Anderton - “Drugs are so accessible within the industry, and it is very difficult to steer completely clear of them.”
 Phil Anderton - “We can expect to benefit from some of the best stadium design expertise in the world.”