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 Billy Andrade - “It's great for New England golf fans that the PGA Tour has made Labor Day weekend an annual end-of-summer destination at the TPC,”
 Billy Andrade - “It's great for New England golf fans that the PGA Tour has made Labor Day weekend an annual end-of-summer destination at the TPC.”
 Billy Andrade - “Guys are learning the golf course a little better.”
 Billy Andrade - “He had no idea what this was all about. He shows up and there are 30,000 people out here, and the more he struggles in front of all these people, the more he keeps cussing his agent.”
 Billy Andrade - “Today, I was (from) Barrington, I was from Fall River, I was from all over southeastern Massachusetts and no one said Bristol,”
 Billy Andrade - “All you can do is give yourself a chance, ... Today wasn't my day.”
 Francisco Andrade - “It's recovering a little bit abroad (today). But, the outlook is for more U.S. losses ... so we have space to fall further.”
 Billy Andrade - “When I started, you got a driver and you learned how to hit the driver. That's isn't the case today. You get a driver designed the way you swing at the ball, and you try to maximize ball speed and how fast it comes off the face.”
 Billy Andrade - “I am not going to back down. I'm going to go for it tomorrow and I'm going to play exactly the same way I played today and the first two days.”
 Francisco Andrade - “That's all priced in we hope that the trade data may take the real and the bourse higher this week.”
 Francisco Andrade - “Argentina could be the next market to be attacked and since the Argentine market is so close to Brazil, that could bring trouble for us. Brazil still needs foreign financing this year...so we need the flow of foreign funds to continue.”
 Francisco Andrade - “The main worry short term is the drop in the Nasdaq. The U.S. didn't back up Argentina today, so there's still a bit of worry about that.”
 Billy Andrade - “It just wasn't my time, and that's something you realize when you are out here a lot of years,”
 Francisco Andrade - “The market was really thin throughout the afternoon, with a continuation of profit-taking from yesterday, but then U.S. markets came back and capital flowed in.”
 Francisco Andrade - “That number showed the market the U.S. may not be able to lower interest rates as soon as people expected ... and that will lengthen the time before their recovery.”
 Billy Andrade - “I think I might have to cruise into Barrington tomorrow morning, ... and put a banana in his tailpipe.”
 Billy Andrade - “The logic is that every sport ends with a bonanza, and ours doesn't. The Tour Championship is going up against football and the World Series. We need to stand on our own.”
 Billy Andrade - “If you can't get inspired by what happened last Sunday in Hartford, then there's something wrong with you, ... That fired me up to want to play well, starting today.”
 Francisco Andrade - “The global atmosphere is still unclear and the local picture is also generating some tensions. The near-term outlook for the market is not good.”
 Billy Andrade - “Could I have done that earlier in my career with less experience I doubt it, so maybe that's why it was so satisfying.”
 Billy Andrade - “I have to take care of me and go out there and keep doing what I'm doing. Like I said, this is what it's all about.”
 Billy Andrade - “He was like my big brother, ... He really took care of me -- made sure I met everybody, and played practice rounds with great players. He did a lot for me when I came out, things I'll never forget.”
 Billy Andrade - “He's a big-time player. He's got a rsum that a lot of players out here would love to have, including myself. It's pretty impressive for, so-to-speak, a little guy from Canada, who's left-handed.”
 Billy Andrade - “You gotta get your body into it I grew up here Like Mickelson in Phoenix,”