My Favorite Quotes
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 Linda Andreassi - “The main reason is to demonstrate to students the importance and seriousness of the test. We hope by applying it to graduation (that) students see that.”
 Scott Andreassi - “She was treated no differently than any other individual.”
 Scott Andreassi - “We think it's closer to the truth than the first two.”
 Linda Andreassi - “In this day and age, you hear more about kids being kidnapped or lured. It's different today than it was 10 years ago.”
 Linda Andreassi - “The system has always worked out good in the past. Parents of the younger students appreciate the calls that their child is not there, and it brings attention to parents of older students that their child was absent without them knowing.”
 Scott Andreassi - “She appeared to have been beaten severely. In addition, she had approximately a six to eight inch cut in the abdomen.”