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 Greg Andrews - “We used the same strategy that we've used the last three or four games. But once again, I think it was the hard work and the focus that's showing what type of team we really are.”
 Jim Andrews - “The Summer Games have typically gotten bigger audiences and higher ratings.”
 Julie Andrews - “He was a dear friend, a true mentor and the epitome of a gentle man,”
 Keith Andrews - “After they got past the shock part of the press, then they started breaking it pretty easily. So we had to get out of that for a while. It was as good a start was we wanted for the first five minutes. Then we gave up a foul here and a foul there and put them to the free throw line. The Stinson girl is tough, she was hitting free throws. All of them are.”
 Julie Andrews - “I was very green and very green about being in America. An 18-year-old girl is like a 16-year-old girl over here. I felt very young and out of my depth. I would stop in shop doorways because I would get so dizzy from the pace.”
 Greg Andrews - “We could have and should have beaten them. I think we'll give them a run for their money. Our kids have a lot of heart, and our goalkeeper (Patch Skinner) is playing with a lot of heart at the goal. He's going to give it his all if the players in front of him do. We have just one shot to shock the Silver Division, and we want to do that.”
 Greg Andrews - “We're not quite where we want to be right now. But we'll give them everything we have.”
 Mickey Andrews - “We're still having too many breakdowns - getting people out of position. Too many penalties. They don't do anything if we don't give them four penalties in the first half.”
 Dan Andrews - “We're going to learn a lot from this. It's going to give us a real definitive understanding of what we have up there.”
 Greg Andrews - “The last minute of the game, we showed what we can do when we want to play. We scored two goals in the last minute. But for the first 33 minutes, we wouldn't have been able to skate with Carrollton-Farmers Branch.”
 Gregg Andrews - “I wouldn't do wood alone. But take some of those wood bangles, especially in darker colors, and mix them with gold.”
 Mickey Andrews - “This group for what we need might be as good a defensive group that we've brought in. They are guys with good character, strong kids who want to be a part of a championship and that's what we're going to help them accomplish.”
 Mickey Andrews - “I think the biggest thing is that we have to replace a bunch of starters. We've lost 14 players. Up front, we lose two who will be playing in the pros next year. We lost four really good players at linebacker.”
 Nicol Andrews - “The federal government can't play favorites to certain businesses one over another,”
 Phil Andrews - “I guess he got religion on slowing down growth and cutting the tax rate.”
 Nicol Andrews - “Marty has a huge heart, he is hardworking, a lover of FEMA, a lover of the mission of the agency.”
 William Andrews - “He told me I had a hell of a game after the game. He's been really encouraging.”
 Tom Andrews - “When Manny completed his milk deliveries and there was enough daylight left, he'd recruit a crew of bricklayers who would help the local home builders.”
 Rep. Andrews - “I hope the Senate defeats the House bill and substantially alters it.”
 Keith Andrews - “That's 17 to 18 points, 10 rebounds we're losing right away. That's the 64,000 question. You just hope that some of the younger kids watched her and draw something from it.”
 Wayne Andrews - “We're not overly concerned. I wouldn't have even done my own house.”
 John Andrews - “I never saw evidence of leadership - Senate or House, Republican or Democrat - giving less than full value for the taxpayer dollar.”
 Dave Andrews - “I'm divorced by the way. We split the house. I got the outside.”
 Nicol Andrews - “It was the right thing to do. We helped thousands of families who were forced from their homes without basic necessities. To slow down that process in order to find out who is trying to cheat the system would have hurt those who the system is designed to help.”
 Julie Andrews - “and I have a hunch that husband Blake Edwards has got something up his sleeve.”

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