My Favorite Quotes
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 Joel Androphy - “The government has an arsenal of pressure points. Individually, he might have tried each of these cases, but the culmination of looking at multiple trials is burdensome for any defendant. The government only has to win one.”
 Joel Androphy - “Some jurors may feel that (the reason) he can't remember or recall is just that he's honest.”
 Joel Androphy - “These instructions are making it very difficult if not impossible for defendants to prevail in these types of cases.”
 Joel Androphy - “I do that all the time, and it's not just something I'm making up.”
 Joel Androphy - “You need to get there early...I suggest you wait a week or so, the interest will fade and you should be able to attend. I appreciate your interest in our nation's justice system.”
 Joel Androphy - “You don't hit a home run with a witness who has admittedly lied for years but all of a sudden, because he has a get-out-of jail-free card, has changed his mind. If the prosecution thinks it hit a home run they're not going to last the full nine innings.”
 Joel Androphy - “The problem is, people wanted more (on direct), and he set himself up to allow the jury to want more.”
 Joel Androphy - “Ultimately, you have to learn how to live within the confines of a courtroom and not a boardroom. Lay did not master the courtroom as other chief executives have.”
 Joel Androphy - “You can't put a witness on the stand who can't remember. It comes across as a conscious decision to forget.”
 Joel Androphy - “The carrot being held out is, 'If you really help us.' It all depends on his level of cooperation.”
 Joel Androphy - “He only has to convince one person that the government is overbearing and has been able to cut deals with people.”
 Joel Androphy - “It's going to get boring before it gets exciting. It's gone from a criminal trial to more of a civil one. This has become a document trial.”