My Favorite Quotes
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 Greg Andrulis - “He's clearly a very special, gifted player.”
 Greg Andrulis - “Simon brings a wealth of experience and grit to our midfield. He has shown he can produce at this level and we are looking forward to his contributions both on and off the field. This is another piece of the puzzle as we build our team for 2004.”
 Dennis Andrulis - “Public hospitals may become an endangered species. Not only are public hospitals disappearing from inner cities across the country, they are disappearing from the suburbs as well.”
 Greg Andrulis - “Sean has enjoyed success on the field winning four state cup championships with his club team, Lexington F.C. and winning a championship with Dunbar High School. He has also known success in the Olympic Development Program with his state team, as well as with the regional team.”
 Dennis Andrulis - “As the number of public hospitals continues to decline, the concern remains to what extent non-profit and for-profit hospitals are taking or will take on greater responsibilities as safety net providers, and to what degree their focus is on attracting the healthiest of Medicaid patients, leaving the sickest and costliest patients to the care of the remaining public or major safety net hospitals.”
 Dennis Andrulis - “While we all may read more about the impact of public hospital closures on inner cities, the fact is we are also seeing the potential for an impending access crisis in suburbs with high-poverty populations. These high-poverty suburbs exist disproportionately in California, Texas, and other areas in the south.”