My Favorite Quotes
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 Andy Beal - “All the games so far, we've been in every game, we've just not done the things we have to do to win. I think that it'll just take a little while to get everything going.”
 Andy Beal - “After taking a break to reflect on the growth of the internet marketing industry, I”
 Andy Beal - “After taking a break to reflect on the growth of the internet marketing industry, Im excited to launch a new blog that I hope will offer readers an insight into the search engine industry, the growth of blogs and explore other new marketing channels,”
 Andy Beal - “Bloggers tend to be on the leading edge of any industry. They spot new products and services before others.”
 Andy Beal - “Coming into this year I kind of wanted to be a starter, but now that I know I'm in relief I enjoy it because you get a chance to throw almost every day. In four games I've thrown in three of them. I feel like I have an opportunity to help the team, just come in and help us get out of jams and get the job done.”
 Andy Beal - “Fortune Interactive was conceived with two core goals in mind increase our clients' revenue while maintaining the highest levels of communication. The search marketing industry is suffering from growing-pains with relatively few companies able to maintain consistently high-levels of client satisfaction,”
 Andy Beal - “It's an extremely important donation for the youth of Grande Prairie. This fund will be administered in perpetuity which means it lasts forever, which means we can have ongoing scholarships for kids in Grande Prairie.”
 Andy Beal - “Look at this as part of your overall marketing initiative. It will help you in e-mail marketing, in print, but in particular search. You're using one online medium to enhance another online medium.”
 Andy Beal - “The industry continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and there are many niches that are waiting to be filled, ... Many search engine marketers are seeing the landscape shifting and realizing that they can fulfill a need by starting their own company.”
 Andy Beal - “Offline advertisers will no longer be content to be told that their radio ad will be heard by a potential audience size or demographic. Instead, they'll come to expect detailed reports and accountability. They'll want to know how effective the radio ad was and whether it resulted in new business. The same level of accountability that search marketers have been held to will now apply to traditional advertising. Expect the skills learned by those search marketers to be in very high demand.”