My Favorite Quotes
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 Christina Angarola - “The interest rates are about to be increased. Durbin is trying to lock them in at a lower rate than what is about to happen in July...he's really trying to cut in half the interest rate that would be locked in.”
 Christina Angarola - “We've already started to look into safety at the port. We're talking to people over there to see if they have everything they need from a security perspective.”
 Christina Angarola - “He wants to talk to students and make them aware of what's going to happen come July 1 to their federal student aid, he wants to tell them about the legislation that he's introduced to reverse those changes that are about to hit and he also wants to get them energized and mobilized to fight the changes if they feel they're being wronged.”
 Christina Angarola - “This is just during the two week spring recess...when Congress resumes he's going to push for the bill and hope that the bill will come up for a vote, and then he'll be working toward that.”