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 Charles Rangel - “The more light that shines on this, the longer it is going to take, ... There are some responsible Republicans in the House who are going to take a long, hard look at the way they have been treated by the Republican leadership.”
 Charles Rangel - “This is basically a historic moment for those of us in Harlem. How seldom do we come to find that one of our own is going to be part of the leadership of this great state”
 Charles Rangel - “We owe it to the flood victims of New Orleans to give them truthful answers as to why this event took place and to assure our citizens that tragedies like this will never happen again.”
 Charles Rangel - “Thousands of people may have been killed by hurricane Katrina and many more could die in its aftermath because of the President's refusal to heed the calls of governors for help in repairing the infrastructure in their states.”
 Charles Rangel - “The President's policies in Iraq contributed to the slow response of federal troops who should have been on alert even before the hurricane struck.”
 Charles Rangel - “The President is destroying the fabric of America with a combined policy of war, tax cuts for the wealthy, and reductions in spending for domestic needs.”
 Charles Rangel - “The Iraq war took priority over domestic disaster prevention.”
 Charles Rangel - “Hurricane season routinely strikes the Caribbean harder than the U.S.”
 Charles Rangel - “At least 23,000 civilians have also died in the Iraqi killing field and the U.S. is stuck in a quagmire.”
 Charles Rangel - “We don't windsurf in Harlem.”
 Jose Rangel - “The US government is a hypocrite in its fight against terrorism, ... The US is manipulating justice.”
 Charlie Rangel - “George Bush is our 'Bull' Connor, ... And if that doesn't get to you, nothing will be able to get to you, and it's time for us to be able to say that we're sick and tired and we're fired up and we're not going to take it anymore”
 Charles Rangel - “The damage to Grenada from Hurricane Ivan was easily in the billions of dollars - several times more than the country's Gross Domestic Product.”
 Charles Rangel - “Today many Caribbean workers can be found in the hospital, construction, service and hotel industries, but there is also a growing professional sector.”
 Charles Rangel - “The challenges African-Americans are facing today are rooted in the system of slavery.”
 Charles Rangel - “Now is the time for the U.S. and the nations of Western Europe who engaged in the slave trade throughout this hemisphere to come forward in a positive way to assist in undoing the harm that was caused by their past colonial policies in the hemisphere.”
 Charlie Rangel - “If the weapons are there and we know they're there, then my God, let's go get the weapons and destroy them.”
 Charles Rangel - “Without question, conditions in the Haiti are worse since Aristide's removal, and continue to deteriorate.”
 Charles Rangel - “I know the Republicans want to have a political gimmick to have on Valentine's day, and that's what this is about, ... It's not too late for us to work together. There's enough things for us to argue about come November, but I would think that the American people would want us to work together.”
 Charles Rangel - “We have a million people -- a million Americans out there that have worked every day, that have paid into the unemployment compensation package -- and the bad cops are saying, 'forget about it,'”
 Charles Rangel - “If the president wants to get serious, he will convene a true summit with leaders from both parties, ... The difficulties that the American people are feeling take more to solve than a half day an hour's drive from the ranch.”
 Alfredo Rangel - “It has generated an environment where to talk badly about Uribe is seen as being unpatriotic, sort of like it was in the U.S. to criticize the Iraq war. To talk badly about Uribe is to ruin the collective fiesta. People continue thinking that Uribe is a redeemer, and they want to continue believing in their redeemer.”
 Charles Rangel - “I worry that we are losing our capacity to feel the pain of this war for which few Americans have been called to sacrifice in any way.”
 Charles Rangel - “The Republicans have sequestered themselves in a room in order to piece together a political bill they know is going nowhere,”
 Charles Rangel - “The whole Republican rationale for passing such a big tax cut is that we needed to send the surpluses back to the people. How ironic is it that we are now borrowing from the people in order to pay them their checks”

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