My Favorite Quotes
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 Max Angelelli - “I'm really happy with the set-up (of the car). We worked on different aspects in each session. I hope it will be a clean race.”
 Max Angelelli - “We had a tough race yesterday in the rain. Wayne did a good job starting so far in the back and brought the car back in a good position. I had to work very hard from there for the entire race, but we got a good result.”
 Max Angelelli - “I like the track. I've never been on the NASCAR layout, but most of it is what we used last year and I know I liked that. I'm going there because I want to win the race. We need to win in order to keep the championship fight open. I am going to Mexico with that goal.”
 Max Angelelli - “Basically, I got eight hours of sleep, but the guys stayed up since yesterday and never slept. They're incredible. I think it took 12 hours to completely redo the car. I think we started the engine for the first time at eight o'clock this morning and in the warm-up, everything was fantastic. I have to say that today's car was even better than yesterday's.”
 Max Angelelli - “Because we are getting closer to the end of the season, it didn't make sense to take any risks, especially when I had cars around me. We had to think about the championship. When I saw the No. 01 crash in the wall, it made no sense for me to fight with anyone.”
 Max Angelelli - “Because we are getting close to the end of the season it doesn't make sense to press to hard.”
 Max Angelelli - “We had great team strategy and a really good run to make it to the head of the pack. Unfortunately now it is over for us.”
 Anne Angelelli - “I needed a spark in my life. You become closer to the Lord. The word becomes alive and real. After the class, I felt God was talking to me and I knew my purpose was to bring his love to others.”
 Anne Angelelli - “It was like a battleground, helicopters, fire engines, my car door was crushed like an accordion.”
 Max Angelelli - “All I saw was this black thing, and I couldn't understand what it was. When I hit it, I thought it should have been bigger because it was big hit. It moved the car, and the steering wheel. I had nothing at the end, and I'm sure Scott pushed it just as hard as me. This race was really tough, but it was for the championship and this was a win we really, really wanted.”
 Anne Angelelli - “I could see what God was doing. I had a captive audience.”