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 Wayne Angell - “Alan Greenspan tends to give a tougher talk in a speech when he is not going to raise rates than he does when he is going to raise rates. He either barks or he bites, and I think he is barking.”
 Wayne Angell - “He is not going to give that much of an indication on his own, because this Fed chief is an effective politician.”
 Tom Angell - “We were legally qualified to get the information for free. They said they couldn't give us the information, because it would lead to drug legalization.”
 Wayne Angell - “The world's central banks have certainly decided U.S. Treasury notes are a better long term investment than gold.”
 Ian Angell - “The idea of saying we all sit together and agree to share the profit is highly problematic because different groups of people will demand a bigger slice of the pie.”
 Wayne Angell - “No one should interpret the remarks as being a prelude for the Federal Reserve raising the Fed funds rate at the December or February meeting. That's not going to happen. If that was going to happen, the chairman wouldn't have made a speech to puncture the exuberance.”
 Roger Angell - “Once I could persuade these guys that all I wanted to hear from them was what they did - Tell me what you do - once you can persuade someone that this is all you're after, you can't shut them up because we're all fascinated by what we do.”
 Wayne Angell - “We already thought it was very, very strong and consumer spending has been a big factor, but the underlying tone seems to indicate that overall growth is tapering off.”
 Wayne Angell - “Bush has been more open to having more of a bipartisan board than I've seen before. I didn't even give a moment's thought that Clinton would reappoint me.”
 Tom Angell - “This law only affects students who are doing well in school, since there are already minimum GPA requirements to receive financial aid. So, if a student is wasting all their time with drugs and not studying or going to class, they're going to lose their aid anyway.”
 Roger Angell - “The rest were just pieces I liked, pieces that seemed fresh to me when I went back to them, sometimes for the first time in a long time.”
 Wayne Angell - “The Federal Reserve engages in a series of rate hikes at the tail end of an expansion when inflation is accelerating. What the Federal Reserve has done today is they made that less likely and thereby this expansion is more apt to go on as long as the year 2000.”
 Wayne Angell - “I've never seen a time when there's been such a blow-up of the kind of risk to the U.S. economy. We've taken a 2 percent trade drag for the first three quarters of 1998 and yet we're still averaging a 3.25 percent growth rate for these first three quarters.”
 Roger Angell - “He was too nervous to travel, by and large.”
 Roger Angell - “I was in my thirties. I wasn't a kid. I think that instinctively I thought I'd have to trust myself and to report about what I was seeing, what I was thinking as a fan, and not to try to fake it by being knowing about these players and their deliveries and all that stuff which I later learned about.”
 Tom Angell - “It's a victory that some students will be able to get back their aid. But there are still some fundamental problems.”
 Tom Angell - “This is a huge victory. We're very excited.”
 Jim Angell - “They plainly saw the writing on the wall. They saw that the way they crafted the settlement would not withstand the court's review. So they retreated, making it a private handshake deal between the two of them. As a result, it won't be enforceable in the future.”
 Tom Angell - “The first time a student is caught with drugs, they will be denied financial aid for one year. The second time they are caught, two years. The third time, financial aid will be suspended indefinitely.”
 Ian Angell - “If you say no, you could be jailed for two years.”
 Wayne Angell - “We're not likely to get the bond yield moving through that 4.75 percent level until we get past all this turmoil that is now in the market.”
 Wayne Angell - “It reduces the rate of return on that 6.5 trillion hiding in money-market accounts. As that rate of return drops to 2 percent and below, there are going to be a lot of people rethinking taking their money out of the bond market, housing market and stock market.”
 Capt. Angell - “It gets vague as far as how many people would be cut.”
 Capt. Angell - “It encourages the soldiers to build their team and to get out there and find people that they would like to serve with, that they would like to go to war with. It compensates them for their time.”
 Roger Angell - “The great thing about catchers is that they do a lot of different things, and they're basically overlooked.”

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