My Favorite Quotes
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 Sandra Angle - “He shot into the air because he was a very religious man, and he knew if he took his own life he wouldn't go to heaven.”
 Sandra Angle - “I believe he wanted them to kill him. Everybody thinks he went out there to kill the police. He's not that kind of man.”
 Kurt Angle - “There are many young Americans that are very distant from our political process.”
 Sandra Angle - “He did have a temper, but I never saw him strike anybody.”
 Linda Spangle - “Food is the consolation prize. So many times, it's not even close to what you really want.”
 Matt Angle - “It hurts a lot. As much as it's a tradition for football, we try to take it along with us. We don't want to get beat by Michigan any time. To go up there and play like that just hurts a lot.”
 Kurt Angle - “You do not boo an Olympic Gold Medalist. I'm the best in the world. I came here for you. You dont' boo me.”
 Colin Angle - “This is all about giving people time back and improving their quality of life.”
 Matt Angle - “We were in the cages and coach (Bob) Todd said something to freshman Zach Hurley. What he said clicked in my head. All our bats finally woke up. It seemed like we were hit or miss the last five, six or seven games.”
 Colin Angle - “We felt that if we could do it at the right price, the cleaning robot would be embraced by the masses.”
 Linda Spangle - “Set yourself a challenge of staying with your plan for 100 days. Mark them off on a calendar. Do whatever you have to do to stay strong. One hundred days is magical. It's longer than a month by far. It's almost a little too long, and yet you have to be determined.”
 Matt Angle - “If the court didn't think this (Texas) was materially different from the Pennsylvania case, they wouldn't have taken it up.”
 Linda Spangle - “We get stressed, or we feel down, or we're just restless and instead of doing things like taking a walk or listening to music, we reach for food to take care of it.”
 Matt Angle - “He's wounded no matter what. Just the fact that he had to campaign, and call on the people he's supposed to be leading to bail him out, You never want to call him dead.”
 Sandra Angle - “We want that officer to know that we don't blame him whatsoever, because we know it must affect him.”
 Matt Angle - “Pete Sessions now has a responsibility to explain why he became an advocate for Malaysia after this trip, whereas before he had shown no interest at all.”
 Kurt Angle - “Join me in Olympic Heros for Abstinence. The best sex is no sex.”
 Linda Spangle - “Search for the reasons you want to lose weight. Write a list, and then add to the list. The more outcomes you have in mind, the more that strengthens your ability to stay with a diet. Obviously, those with more at stake will have more reasons.”