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 Jennifer Aniston - “I'm not sitting somewhere dwelling on the past. I'm not fretting or obsessing about something in the future.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “You know when I feel inwardly beautiful When I am with my girlfriends and we are having a 'goddess circle'.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “I've gone for each type the rough guy the nerdy, sweet, lovable guy and the slick guy. I don't really have a type. Men in general are a good thing.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “It's just complicated, ... There are all these levels of growth -- and when you stop growing together, that's when the problems happen.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “I was somebody who never loved my hair. I had curly hair and wished it was straight.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “That's what I hate about a lot of comedies, when you're hitting a line or making it funny.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “Really try to follow what it is that you want to do and what your heart is telling you to do.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “He poked fun at Anna Nicole Smith, the ABC network's travails, and 60 Minutes. ... Total Eclipse of the Heart.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “If somebody ever wished to be me for a day, they'd be the most pissed-off person once they got here. They would be, like, in hell.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “The sad thing, for me, is the way it's been reduced to a Hollywood cliche -- or maybe it's just a human cliche.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “It's an honor to be here at this festival. Sundance has allowed me to do things most people wouldn't expect me to do.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “There was a moment of, 'Oh gosh, I hope I can pull this off,”
 Jennifer Aniston - “Well, God, I hope so,”
 Jennifer Aniston - “No, I'm good, actually. I have my house.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “We've all cried. We don't know what it's going to be like. Like we didn't know what it was going to be like when we started, we have no idea what it will be like at the end. We're all gonna be blithering idiots.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “I really kind of pride myself on figuring stuff out pretty quickly but I couldn't, couldn't. I just had no idea.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “Billy Idol called -- he wants his look back.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “You're damned if you're too thin and you're damned if you're too heavy. According to the press I've been both. Its impossible to satisfy everyone and I suggest we stop trying.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “It's so hard, it's almost the impossible - not talking about anything. I don't abide well to gag orders. I'm a talker. I think it's a beautiful trait when people are not micro-managing every corner of their life.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “The ultimate is finding a place where you have no inhibitions, nothing to hide, where you can learn with one another.”
 John Aniston - “Why thrust your kid into that You try to protect them from all the bad people out there.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “You can let things become stagnant and succumb to outside temptation and excitement, ... And this is definitely a film about thinking twice before you do that.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “I had done a lot of television shows, ... I sort of thought that's what I did... you do six episodes of this and then you go 'All right, well that was a good year. Go on to the next one'.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “I had an idea of what I thought was funny. It's kind of based on how I am.”
 Jennifer Aniston - “We worked it out a long time ago.”

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