My Favorite Quotes
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 Ernie Ankrim - “There have not been any big blips in inflation (so far this year),”
 Ernie Ankrim - “There have not been any big blips in inflation (so far this year).”
 Ernie Ankrim - “Once the Fed signals its intentions or investors perceive that the end is near, stocks might rise strongly.”
 Ernie Ankrim - “The housing report today and other numbers from last week indicate more strength in this economy than had previously been thought.”
 Ernie Ankrim - “Certainly energy continues to do well, but technology has also attracted increasing amounts of funds, and we're seeing growth stocks start to perform better than they have for some time.”
 Ernie Ankrim - “I don't think he did anything to make anyone doubt his strength, intellect or willingness to listen. And that is good.”
 Ernie Ankrim - “It will be all the disappointments that attract everyone's attention. They will get the headlines, but the underlying strength of the market will continue through this quarter easily.”
 Ernie Ankrim - “What the Fed is telling us here is that they are not of the mind to put so much tightness on the economy as to jeopardize modest growth in the year ahead, and the market is taking great delight in that.”