My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Oltmann - “He's had some really outstanding games, both offensively and defensively. A key for him is consistency. He's starting to get better every game.”
 Scott Oltmann - “Every year we come up here, it's always close games --sometimes overtime, one or two points. This might be one of the largest margins.”
 Richard Mann - “I think Paris is just what we saw on tape. We knew coming in that Paris wasn't a burner. But he is smart, he's got excellent hands, he's a thumper, he's got that toughness and he showed that during the course of the preseason. And we got a good look at him in three of the preseason games and in all three, he showed up in the running game or the passing game.”
 Mark Hermann - “We talked a lot about it. Wharton ended our streak of 62 games against Hillsborough teams, but they were not ending this streak.”
 Jake Peymann - “(I) Wanted to score probably double digits a game. I've done that a few games. (I) Wanted to have at least five rebounds a game.”
 David Heymann - “Hollywood was a silver-nitrate finishing school for a whole generation with a faculty that included Lillian Gish, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, John Gilbert, Pola Negri, Gloria Swanson, Clara Bow, Lon Chaney, Charlie Chaplin and Rudolf Valentino.”
 Horace Mann - “Genius may conceive but patient labor must consummate”
 Alexandra Bodemann - “I would like to thank my new friend. She has taught me never to give up.”
 Silke Stegemann - “It's clearly BASF's strategic thinking not to give in and raise the price unless they get some information that justifies it.”
 Markus Sagemann - “The doorway page is only designed to give a search engine an idea of what's on the page behind it.”
 Chris Trenkmann - “Wheeler says it happened after he refused to give a urine sample.”
 Doug Kuhlmann - “Give me four weeks. Give me four weeks and call me back and I'll tell you what I think.”
 David Baumann - “Sometimes that happens when you press like we do. You'll give up some points off turnovers.”
 Tricia Heldmann - “You start with just some basic visual kinds of things. You give them a scent article and do a little runaway. When the dog chases the person, the person rewards the dog. It's a big party. It's a paycheck for them.”
 Brian McCann - “To give up only one run in this place is unbelievable,”
 Lynn Swann - “I would have to give it more consideration.”
 Mark Mann - “It's a lot looser than when he left here (Wednesday). He's not going to take (batting practice). We're going to give him multiple rounds of treatment.”
 Liselotte Neumann - “She's very disciplined and very organized in the way she works on her golf game and runs her whole life. She's always been a hard worker, but she's able to get the most out of that work. She sets her goals and doesn't give up until she reaches them.”
 Robert McCann - “We think there's a fundamental shift beginning in Japan. People are moving from being savers to investors, and there's a need for higher returns to give people the quality of life they want in retirement.”
 Jimmy Mann - “Don't quit. Don't give into them.”
 Mike Lordemann - “Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined we could put six on the board against them. And on the other side of it, to shut them out is even better. We played well defensively and didn't give them many quality looks. We were concerned about their forwards and really had to shut those two out. We did that.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “We want to finally beat a top team -- that would give us a boost. We will now concentrate fully on the match. Everything else is secondary.”
 Erin Hannemann - “We didn't give up, we were out there fighting the whole game. We came out and we played hard, you can't ask for anything more. In the third quarter we just hit a wall.”
 Bill Strathmann - “People's lives are clearly at stake, and it creates a strong impulse to give. Americans want to help, not stand by feeling helpless.”
 Shannon Hoffmann - “At the beginning of the season Shauna handed me a list of her goals and she has accomplished every single one of them. She's an extremely hard worker, she's motivated and very determined. It's always nice to have an athlete that wants it as much as you want it for them.”

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