My Favorite Quotes
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 Graham Annesley - “Beyond that, as this case could finish up before the judiciary panel, I can make no comment at this stage.”
 Graham Annesley - “I have had a conversation with the referee by telephone he is going to go home and submit a report to me overnight. At this stage I can't say any more until we get further information from the referee and look at the video.”
 Graham Annesley - “When John finishes his current suspension, if he is serious about becoming a referee, it might give him a greater appreciation of the difficulties that go with the job.”
 Graham Annesley - “Our advice is that the replacement of turf that has taken place over the last 48 hours is going to solve the problem for this weekend.”
 Graham Annesley - “The fine has been imposed because his duties don't allow him to be offering advice to the referee during the course of the game.”