My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Anoai - “We have to play every play like it's the first play of the game. There's definitely no time to slip up or take a play off.”
 Joe Anoai - “It's disappointing to see a family member hurt. I want him to have as big a year as I want to have for myself. But he's a great player and I know that he's going to be fine, so I trust that he's going to be back to 100 percent pretty soon.”
 Joe Anoai - “It's a virtual reality fighting game. It's all weapons.”
 Joe Anoai - “We have to corral him, keep him in the pocket and make him beat us with his arm.”
 Joe Anoai - “He's really focused. He knows what has to be done. He's focused on the task at hand. He wants to have a very big year, and I think that he is. He's a senior now. He's matured and he knows what has to be done. He has definitely stepped up and become the leader that we need on defense.”
 Joe Anoai - “I don't know the competition level that they were playing against, but obviously if you're scoring that many points, you have weapons.”
 Joe Anoai - “He causes so much attention that it kind of frees me up with one-on-one blocks and it helps me out.”