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 Ali Ansari - “It will have to be resolved internally. There is a view in Iran that if you give him enough rope, he'll hang himself. But how much rope will it take”
 Gholamreza Ansari - “This is a good initiative to resolve the situation.”
 Gholamreza Ansari - “We stand for negotiations and emphasize that issues of this kind cannot be referred to the UN Security Council just because of imagination about (Iran's) intentions.”
 Gholamreza Ansari - “This is a good initiative to resolve the situation. We believe that Iran and Russia should find a way out of this jointly.”
 Gholamreza Ansari - “We haven't turned down this proposal. The Iranian government is looking attentively at the proposal, but it needs time. So I think Russia should have a certain time to perfect this proposal.”
 Ali Ansari - “Moderate Muslims have been given a giant task. The world is watching how they respond.”
 Ali Ansari - “The Iranians were just jumping on the bandwagon. They want to galvanize people, keep them focused on an anti-Western agenda.”
 Gholamreza Ansari - “We will do all we can to solve the issue by peaceful means, but one of the ways to do that is to prepare for all scenarios, including military ones.”
 Ali Ansari - “The European Union door is shut and the Iranians have thrown away the key. This was a symbolic slap in the face for the Europeans.”
 Gholamreza Ansari - “Taking into account the good relations between Russia and Iran, I hope that together we can overcome this crisis which has arisen recently.”
 Gholamreza Ansari - “Given the friendly relations between Russia and Iran, I hope we will settle the crisis that has emerged recently together.”
 Ali Ansari - “It was always on the cards and they can justify it on the grounds that the new president will want his own people on the ground. But it sends all the wrong signals.”
 Ali Ansari - “At this moment in time, the chances of any agreement are extremely small.”
 Ali Ansari - “Ali Ansari, an Iran expert at St. Andrews University in Scotland, said the president would have to make concessions. I do not think it is fatal, ... but he is going to have to take some drastic action to realize that politics is the art of compromise.”