My Favorite Quotes
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 Saint Anselm of Canterbury - “Nor do I seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe that I may understand. For this too I believe, that unless I first believe, I shall not understand.”
 Saint Anselm of Canterbury - “A Prayer of Anselm My God, I pray that I may so know you and love you that I may rejoice in you. And if I may not do so fully in this life let me go steadily on to the day when I come to that fullness ... Let me receive That which you promised through your truth, that my joy may be full.”
 Saint Anselm of Canterbury - “I have written the little work that follows ... in the role of one who strives to raise his mind to the contemplation of God and one who seeks to understand what he believes.”
 Saint Anselm of Canterbury - “I acknowledge, Lord, and I give thanks that you have created your image in me, so that I may remember you, think of you, love you. But this image is so obliterated and worn away by wickedness, it is so obscured by the smoke of sins, that it cannot do what it was created to do, unless you renew and reform it. I am not attempting, O Lord, to penetrate your loftiness, for I cannot begin to match my understanding with it, but I desire in some measure to understand your truth, which my heart believes and loves. For I do not seek to understand in order that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand. For this too I believe, that 'unless I believe, I shall not understand.' (Isaiah 79)”
 Saint Anselm of Canterbury - “A Song of Anselm Jesus, as a mother you gather your people to you you are gentle with us as a mother with her children Often you weep over our sins and our pride tenderly you draw us from hatred and judgement. You comfort us in sorrow and bind up our wounds in sickness you nurse us, and with pure milk you feed us. Jesus, by your dying we are born to new life by your anguish and labour we come forth in joy. Despair turns to hope through your sweet goodness through your gentleness we find comfort in fear. Your warmth gives life to the dead your touch makes sinners righteous. Lord Jesus, in your mercy heal us in your love and tenderness remake us. In your compassion bring grace and forgiveness for the beauty of heaven may your love prepare us.”