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 Eugene Christiansen - “As far as we can tell, the big poker rooms have continued to grow, but global ratings for poker telecasts around the world have been seeing retrenchment. The future is not going to be like the past year at all.”
 Sascha Hansen - “Winning 20 games was one of our goals before the season started.”
 Tom Hansen - “I think the way we've structured it with the four games plus the national championship will be a positive,”
 Tom Hansen - “We're pretty much in the range that's been publicly discussed, ... Four games plus either a fifth game played concurrently with them, or the 'plus-one' game, those are the major structural differences we're looking at. Or you could do both. Or there are various subsets within that.”
 Dave Hansen - “They played with a lot of composure. They played one of the more complete games they've played all year.”
 Beck Hansen - “I'm the artist formally known as Beck. I have a genius wig. When I put that wig on, then the true genius emerges. I don't have enough hair to be a genius. I think you have to have hair going everywhere.”
 Todd Hansen - “I'm extremely proud of the girls for the way they played this year and winning the first outright league championship in school history. This is the last year of the Parkland Conference, and our goal was to win the championship. I'm extremely proud of every girl on this team.”
 Bailey Hansen - “It was so nerve-racking. But we have worked too hard in the season to just give it up then and we ... weren't going to let it happen.”
 Robert Hansen - “Instead of just throwing them in a cell, trying to wash your hands of it, you know what Give them the treatment they need.”
 Steve Hansen - “It'll take treated effluent and run it through a cloth filter process and remove even minute particles to give us a very, very clean effluent.”
 Dan Jansen - “I don't think there's any such thing as setting your goals too high. The higher you set your goals, the more you are going to work, ... If you don't reach, then it's OK, just as long as you set it and then give a hundred percent of yourself.”
 Jon Jansen - “We've got more work to do. The excitement is fun and it will last for a little while, but we've got some goals that are still out there.”
 Matt Hansen - “In talking to him, it seems like he's on the right road. He's definitely got the game to play good golf. He knows what it takes.”
 Steve Hansen - “Hopefully, we'll get some good bids. It's a tough project, working downtown, digging trenches.”
 Jon Jansen - “We have to go out and prove we can do it against teams that we should have success against. We need to prove that we're a good team, and we haven't done that yet.”
 Jon Jansen - “It sure feels great to have a win, ... and it was a hard one. They're a good defensive front, so we're happy with a win in this one.”
 Amanda Hansen - “We feel so good, so good. We're not satisfied with this though, not at all.”
 Ellen Hansen - “Some of them were too small some of them were too large. We definitely had good reasons.”
 David Johansen - “Arthur, be a good Latter-day Saint, do your job, and everything will be fine.”
 Linda Kristiansen - “I think they have reasonably good locations in the Northeast. There'll be a bidding process, but it just seems like a good fit. They've been more aggressive than some of the others in the region.”
 Mark Hansen - “What the jury decided is so clearly not a criminal violation that the government didn't even argue it, so it would be bizarre to think of that being the basis of bringing a case against Nancy Temple.”
 Robert Hansen - “We continue to see higher trading volumes from both hedge funds and retail investors, despite concerns that growth could slow.”
 Chris Christiansen - “The increasing popularity of e-commerce is contributing to the growth of firewalls.”
 Tom Hansen - “The double-T was poorly handled. The game was intense, but not threatening to get out of hand. An experienced official gets between players and warns them once, and tells them to knock it off.”
 Steve Hansen - “I think there's some older players are starting to put their hands up, locks tend to mature a bit later than loose forwards, so there's those guys and some more young guys putting their hand up as well.”

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