My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Anstey - “At least 36. I just hope my brother knows the assistant pro here like he reckons he does.”
 Chris Anstey - “This is unbelievably special and we'll remember this for a long time.”
 Chris Anstey - “They like being in front. They don't like losing. Hopefully we can let them not like losing a couple more times.”
 Chris Anstey - “We've found that sales of nominated DVDs do significantly better if they are released prior to the Oscar ceremony compared to after because of all the media. Later, it's more about the ceremony itself and not the films.”
 Chris Anstey - “It's healthy to have a decent lag time between discs, but if there's too much time in between, there might be a drop off in interest. What amazes me is that no matter how obscure or generic a TV show might be, there's always someone who'll buy it. As long as the studios recognize this, they can manufacture modest quantities and generate respectable sales.”
 Chris Anstey - “I'd missed some easy shots and made some ordinary decisions . . . but (coach Al Westover) encourages us to shoot. Mac gave me the shot from the play we drew up and it felt good.”
 Chris Anstey - “I'm really looking forward to playing, it was a real shame I haven't been able to play the last couple. This will be the first one that I'll play in after being picked for the past three years.”
 Chris Anstey - “I've got a contract in front of me now. Leon has a conference call with Washington Sunday their time (today, Melbourne time), so I'll wait and see.”
 Chris Anstey - “It's an old cliche, but we've still got to get one more win. But we have the confidence to know that we can be down and dig our way out of the hole.”
 Chris Anstey - “There's such unremitting attention to the Oscars after the nominations come out. That automatically sparks greater sales.”
 Christopher Anstey - “If ever I ate a good supper at night, I dreamed of the devil, and wakd in a fright.”