My Favorite Quotes
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 Eric Antebi - “Everybody agrees that we have to fix these levees. But declaring a state of emergency an hour before a political convention smacks much more of politics than it does of leadership. The governor has had many opportunities to fund and fix these levees before, and he hasn't done it.”
 Eric Antebi - “Basically, they're selling the foundation to pay for the mortgage. These lands really belong to future generations and shouldn't be sold to the highest bidder. There's no reason why the world's biggest economic power needs to sell parkland to make ends meet.”
 Eric Antebi - “You never know where the limit will be. These are sacred places and really shouldn't be opened to this kind of activity.”
 Eric Antebi - “We have to be creative. If people get an e-mail with a funny gimmick, they'll be more likely to pass it on and get involved.”