My Favorite Quotes
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 Carmelo Anthony - “I was edgy my first two games just to get out there and start my career. You saw me settle down more than I did the first two games.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “We have seven games on the road coming up. If we can win at least five of those games on this trip, it will define us as a team.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “Last year I showed people a little of what I can do. I didn't give them the whole shebang.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “We let three slip away. That's over. That's behind us. We know this is a new year. New goals. New attitudes.”
 Kelly Anthony - “Alex takes up a lot of cage and he plays good angles. He also makes some nice outlet passes on the transition.”
 Mike Anthony - “It wasn't a good location for roses. A lot of them had gotten sick, so we transplanted them to Rose Hill Cemetery.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “That was real good. That was probably the best thing that happened (Saturday). Seeing the kid.”
 Terry Anthony - “There are two things you can't coach. It's size and speed. Actually, there's three things -- size, speed and heart. Cruz has all three.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “It's a great honor. It's a team thing. The team should have gotten Player of the Month.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “I just hope my involvement brings a wider fan-base and more interest to an already exciting and fun sport.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “It is getting old. I hope we have everybody out there as soon as possible. Playing with a 6-4 lineup is tough.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “He's been a big influence. He's got a lot of knowledge.”
 Susan Anthony - “This young gentleman is escorting me to jail”
 Mark Anthony - “I feel like justice is being done.”
 Susan Anthony - “Suffrage is the pivotal right.”
 Piers Anthony - “No novel is a clone of any preceding one, though with a background cast of characters and things that has grown to thousands, there are many familiar aspects.”
 Piers Anthony - “It would be easier to write a novel without reader input, but I feel the fiction is richer for it.”
 Piers Anthony - “If every editor turns you down, maybe you should take a second look at your text, however, just in case.”
 Piers Anthony - “I turned my home state of Florida into the Land of Xanth.”
 Piers Anthony - “I do one Xanth novel a year, because at the moment that is all that publishers will accept they don't want any other type of fiction from me, so Xanth pays my way.”
 Piers Anthony - “I did not know at first that it would be a series I discovered after the first novel that I had more to say about it, so I did another. And another, and then the readers demanded yet more.”
 Piers Anthony - “Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker series also shows the potential of lighter fantastic fiction. I read the first, and listened to a tape of a later one, and it's fun.”
 Piers Anthony - “As for collaboration - I have done a lot, 26 books, and found publishers increasingly resistive to them. It's not that the books are bad editors won't even read them.”
 Katharine Anthony - “To the biographer all lives bar none are dramatic constructions.”
 Katharine Anthony - “Principles are a dangerous form of social dynamite.”

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