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 Carmelo Anthony - “That's something he does every night. They've got shooters out there who can knock down open shots, and he put them in a great position to hit shots.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “That was a good block, good defense. He was doing that all night. Actually, he's been doing that all year.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “We have to keep shooting. We had our bad shooting game out there tonight. So we are bound to have a good shooting night.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “I made a promise to him that in '06 I would come back (to the gym) at night. I've got to keep that promise.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “We ran pretty well (Monday night). I don't think we ran as well as we wanted to. But we ran pretty well.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “Every night for the last week and a half has been tough. We wait for the last 12 to 15 minutes of the game to try and battle back, but by that time it's too late.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “I couldn't sleep last night due to the pain. I tried to go out there and play tonight, but by the third quarter it started tightening up on me.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “I think last night they saw how hard it was for me out there making everything and doing everything and them not coming through. But (Saturday) I think we spread the wealth.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “It was a good feeling not to have to play in the fourth quarter. It's always good to get some rest. We let a couple (of games) slip away here, but that's old news. We've put it behind us. This is a new year and we have new goals.”
 Marc Anthony - “They're the truest representatives right now of their genres. The experience between us is over 50 years. They're not the hottest thing right now because they have a No. 1 single. What they embody is . . . music in the truest form.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “It's going to motivate us. We hear a lot of stuff, they want to play us and things like that, and we take that as motivation.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “I took that as motivation. Anything that happens, I'll take it as motivation.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “I take this as motivation. It's nothing to be upset about. I can't take away and nobody else can take away what I've done this season.”
 Susan Anthony - “Of course I do. Don't you think your mother is as smart as you are”
 Susan B. Anthony - “Women, we might as well be dogs baying the moon as petitioners without the right to vote”
 George Anthony - “They have to get this resolved so they move on to the other issues. Until they know how many people will be left after the retirements take place, they won't know how much money GM will have to pay to subsidize the wages and benefits for its former workers who are left at Delphi, once the new pay scales are implemented.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “I wasn't going to miss no time, not in a game like that.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “We've got to figure it out. Any time we miss a key component to our team like that, out for a lot of games, and he comes back, it's going to be rusty.”
 Joseph Anthony - “While a lot of African Americans and Latinos may have negative perceptions about the military, they can still identify with the strength of the soldier.”
 Mark Anthony - “A lot of middle-class black people think that the Democrats have nothing new to say about race, that their ideas are bankrupt, and that the party basically takes their loyalty for granted, ... Then the Republicans start coming around and we're like the lonely girl standing against the wall at a dance. Even if you know it's lip service, you feel receptive, just because somebody has bothered to come over and pay attention to you.”
 Piers Anthony - “What I like least is dealing with publishers who simply don't want collaborations regardless of their merit.”
 Joseph Anthony - “The Internet enables group play around the world, evolving gaming into more of a communal activity. As the games are being embraced on a larger scale, it has enough merit to warrant these competitions. ... People can be pessimistic about trends and their longevity. They were right about disco, but not right about rap.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “That's probably one of the best games I've played in. That's a good memory.”
 Terry Anthony - “Sometimes it was hard to get him to focus on what was going on on the field because of the things going on in his life. But we got him to understand that just because you've been dealt a bad hand in life, you don't have to lose. You may be dealt bad cards, but the next card dealt may make your cards the best hand.”
 Carmelo Anthony - “We still got a great chance to make this road trip real special. Finish a road trip like this 5-2 is a real good road trip for us.”

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