My Favorite Quotes
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 John Antil - “There are only so many people who will watch, or take up the game. Even if he won 10 Masters, you're not going to see a 30 percent increase.”
 John Antil - “You know every reporter there will be looking for that statement. Out of every 50 statements there that are neutral the only ones you'll hear are the ones that are controversial or inappropriate.”
 John Antil - “Alex Karras was a very likable funny guy who poked fun at himself. Can you see Rose doing that A lot of reason for anyone's commercial success is based on looks, personality, and how likeable he comes across for people.”
 John Antil - “He didn't deny anything. He said, ' I'm sorry. ' When you weather a crisis well, it can actually help you. Right now is if I had a contract with him, I'd be thinking about using him more.”
 John Antil - “You hate to see a superstar go beyond that point where he should. I have such a positive memory, that's my concern. If people start talking about how he shouldn't be playing, it would devalue his marketability.”
 John Antil - “As a company, why would I take the risk I don't think there's a major advertiser that will take the chance, even if he's reinstated, not unless there's a whole lot of other evidence came out that he never did anything wrong.”
 John Antil - “He's almost at the top, but not quite. There's room for some growth. He's already had such a tremendous impact, but I think he's come close to maxing out the benefit for golf.”
 John Antil - “It makes the Super Bowl even more important than it has ever been. The Super Bowl is the only thing left that really reaches the mass audience.”