My Favorite Quotes
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 Jennifer Antkowiak - “They can see this is a match made in heaven.”
 Jennifer Antkowiak - “Some of it people will have to see. Once they see it, they will understand.”
 Jennifer Antkowiak - “I think she was able to look at it and think, this isn't just one project I can group these things together, and we can make all these things happen. She was able to present a bigger package, and that's how it was able to work.”
 Jennifer Antkowiak - “I know the media end of things and not much about the business end. Leslie knows the business end but not much about the media.”
 Jennifer Antkowiak - “I love her energy, and her business sense was impressive.”
 Jennifer Antkowiak - “Leslie has three children, and she takes a lot of pride in that she built her business around her family life. She was able to get her kids off to the school bus and have her business wrapped by the time they came home.”