My Favorite Quotes
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 Sara Antolick - “All I remember is that one time when I was a sophomore and she was a senior, I blocked her really bad. I always wanted to defend her and be the best, and try to do everything to stop her.”
 Lance Antolick - “We picked it up pretty well but we didn't run through blocks and open up some holes. If we could just do that it would be a lot better and give Tony or Austin (Scott) a chance to just break past the line.”
 Lance Antolick - “We just need to be a lot more consistent as an offensive line and as a team in the passing game and the running game.”
 Lance Antolick - “I'd say our chemistry is fine we can anticipate each other. I think people have molded very well. Even when we have substitutes coming in, we know what to expect from each other.”
 Sara Antolick - “The girls on the team back me up a lot, and the coaches keep me enthused, plus I love basketball, so I don't care how many injuries I get. I'm going to keep going out there.”