My Favorite Quotes
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 Drew Stanton - “I guess he was pretty excited. He was talking like a 6-year-old girl.”
 Drew Stanton - “I think you can give Reggie Bush the Heisman right now.”
 Ed Stanton - “The city has a reputation of being developer-oriented, not resident-oriented. Those city commissioners give the developer whatever they want. Some of these commissioners can be purchased at a very cheap price.”
 Joe Blanton - “It was laid-back, but you don't want to give up a run, and you don't want anyone to get a hit off you. You still want to have that bit of intensity, but not quite as much as a regular game.”
 Bill Scranton - “We need to give the taxpayers a seat at the table in this state.”
 John Stanton - “working with other staff to restructure constituent services to better serve the governor's goals.”
 Wayne Blanton - “Overall, it's a very good budget. It's a 6 percent to 7 percent increase. Considering what other states are doing, it's substantial.”
 Mike Stanton - “He's definitely not a bad kid. He's quiet and he plays hard. I don't really think anything good can come out of this, as much as we're having to talk about it. Hopefully we can resolve this thing in a day or two.”
 Drew Stanton - “This is a game to show we're every bit as good as we think we are.”
 Ed Stanton - “We think it's going to be pretty good.”
 Joe Blanton - “When you're going against a good pitcher, sometimes it's tough to get some runs across especially when they're locked in like that in a big game, ... Lackey did a great job. He spotted the ball well, changed speeds fairly well and had a pretty good breaking ball.”
 Wayne Blanton - “We would like to see some of that money spent as pay-as-you-go for capital expenditures. We are so far behind both in our growth for capital outlay and meeting class size that we've got to come up with some substantial dollars in this year, and that would be one way to do it.”
 John Stanton - “President Bush needs to stop playing politics with public health. We need a stronger standard dealing with fine particle soot pollution that affects the health of millions of Americans.”
 Shonda Stanton - “This is the most seasoned group of veterans that I've ever had here. They have the talent and leadership to guide this team to the NCAA Tournament and our most successful season in program history.”
 Chris Stanton - “She concluded her home confinement and turned in her equipment. I can't comment further.”
 Jay Blanton - “I just hope people look at things in their complete context.”
 Mike Stanton - “There's going to be some bumps. I just hope they're not big enough to throw this thing off.”
 Jay Blanton - “Those funds will plug back into the operation of the hospital.”
 Wayne Blanton - “We met with Senate and House leaders, and they felt they could cure it during the session. I'm very confident schools will be able to use co-teaching.”
 Michael Stanton - “Burying Katrina is the theme, getting some closure, just putting it to rest for a minute. It'll be a semblance of home, but it's not going to be New Orleans by any stretch of the imagination.”
 Terry Stanton - “If someone told you they could sell you a car without sales tax, or you didn't have to pay your income tax, would you believe them”
 Wayne Blanton - “The list is ludicrous. I think the intelligent voter would look at this and say this is so far off, it's incredible.”
 Mike Stanton - “Jim Bowden, Washington GM said there was interest on both sides of that rivalry.”
 Drew Stanton - “We definitely left the island with a sour taste in our mouth. We welcome them to the mainland. We're looking forward to seeing them.”
 John Stanton - “As was widely reported, an amendment was attached to the Senate version of an appropriations bill which would have categorically banned our transaction, ... It is our understanding that that language has been removed, but the final budget has not been approved.”

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