My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerome Antone - “We wanted to give the kids something constructive to do in the summer. When they are doing something constructive, only good things can happen.”
 Jerome Antone - “We did not play well at all for whatever reason. Sometimes a team will have a breakdown, but we hope we can move on and do well in the playoffs. We had some bumps and we hope to overcome them.”
 Jerome Antone - “We played a great game. Our kids made a great comeback from 13 points down, but we couldn't pull it out. We didn't play hard in the beginning and that hurt us.”
 Jerome Antone - “We really came out and played hard. These guys told me before the game that they had my back and I didn't need to worry and they were right.”
 Jerome Antone - “First and foremost I am happy that these two guys will get to continue their education. They are not just good kids, they are good people and I wish them the best of luck at the next level.”
 Jerome Antone - “I am proud of all we have accomplished this year and these guys have no reason to hang their heads. I would like to thank the parents for the opportunity to work with their sons.”
 Jerome Antone - “We started out on a full-court press, but we had to switch to a man all over the floor when the press was not working. We created a lot of turnovers and our defense made opportunities for our offense. That is the greatest defense we have played all year.”
 Jerome Antone - “These kids cannot participate if they are not insured and I just want to make that clear.”
 Jerome Antone - “If you can give 25 or 100, we will help your child participate in the camp. We are here to help the parents out.”
 Jerome Antone - “You don't have to be a basketball player to participate. If you just want to be a part of a group this is the place to be.”