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 Chris Antonetti - “There was enough interest in him that he certainly would have been claimed.”
 Chris Antonetti - “We took our time and contacted every team and made the best deal we could. The timing of the year, being at the end of spring training, and the fact that he was out of options made it a little big more of a challenge.”
 Chris Antonetti - “We took our time to examine all potential alternatives, contacted every team, and tried to make the best deal we could. I think there were a lot of teams, like us, that liked his talent, but found it hard to find a spot on their major league team.”
 Chris Antonetti - “We took our time to examine all the alternatives. We tried to make the best deal we could.”
 Chris Antonetti - “Hopefully it'll be a guy we feel good about that can play in the Major Leagues someday. He'll probably be a little further away than Phillips was.”
 Chris Antonetti - “The timing of his development and the development of our team didn't align. The fact that he was out of options forced us to make a decision. We feel he has a chance to be a very good major league player. Hopefully he'll get his chance.”
 Chris Antonetti - “He's a guy that will add some depth to our organizational pitching. He'll start at Double-A, in the bullpen. He has an average to plus fastball with pretty good secondary stuff and a good mentality on the mound.”
 Chris Antonetti - “We continue to have ongoing dialogue with both representatives. We're always hopeful of reaching an agreement and not reaching a hearing. At the same time, in some cases, it's a necessary part of the process.”