My Favorite Quotes
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 San Antonio - “Stacey's realistic lyrics and vocals are easily understood soothing and gentle in parts, but angry and outspoken in others. Stacey has a lot to say and sings it well”
 Rose Antonio - “Corrie was hot all tournament, and you gotta go with who is hot. She did a hell of a job.”
 San Antonio - “It has been like hell,”
 San Antonio - “It's a lot faster to sell a house owner-financed than conventionally,”
 San Antonio - “about working on performance standards to improve the quality of public service within San Antonio.”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “You're always going to think, Should I have done every single thing I was offered Should I maybe have taken more familiar kinds of roles”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “Suddenly, I realised this was what I wanted to do. I didn't know how to do it I just knew acting felt right.”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “I've never found that it jars to go back and forth.”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “I'm not looking at money, percentage points or grosses. This is my life, you know To me, every day matters.”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “I used to go home at night and just shake, because I had no idea that's what acting was gonna be.”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “I hate it when people say, Mary Elizabeth, this may be hell, but the movie is going to be sooo good.”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “I don't need much when I work. I don't need friends, I don't need a lover. I don't need a lot of strokes. I just need to know what's going on.”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “I almost went home this summer to do Stephen Sondheim's Sunday In the Park. But for personal reasons, I needed to plant myself here.”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “Hollywood is run by men who are big on vulnerability.”
 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - “Domesticity has to mean nesting. Otherwise, six months go by, and you don't know where your underwear is.”
 Mark Dantonio - “We came in at halftime and we thought we were going to win the game.”
 San Antonio - “In all that time, she still hasn't figured out where you can find a lovely but inexpensive house in a charming neighborhood.”
 San Antonio - “Closing Time.”
 San Antonio - “Jackson told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm Friday, Everything was all disorganized, ... I got a bilingual rep. And I was having a hard time hearing him. And he was having a hard time understanding me. So I didn't get a lot of information that I should have.”
 San Antonio - “You're broke today, you got 6,000 in an account the next day. I think that's a good enough move for me.”
 Mark Dantonio - “You'll probably see him play three positions out there (today). That's something that's a positive for him. He's a football player, we just need to find him a role and allow him to grow into that role.”
 San Antonio - “I think the trade agreements (NAFTA, CAFTA, etc) are awful for America's economy,”
 San Antonio - “It crippled the crack trade for a while in Gonzales,”
 San Antonio - “said Rivers. ''They just know each other so well. They trust each other on every possession. Beating teams like that down the stretch of games is really tough to do because they've been through so many tough games and they know every nuance of each other. I think that's what makes them so good.”
 San Antonio - “There are values that connect.”

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