My Favorite Quotes
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 Michel Aoun - “If I choose dialogue, the other party should define the goals.”
 Michel Aoun - “This will not affect the formation of the government and could even be a positive factor to end the political volatility we are living through.”
 Michel Aoun - “The focus should be on making sure that the Palestinian infiltration is studied by the government and that it takes responsibility for how to deal with the situation,”
 Michel Aoun - “I have been given some information that confirms the presence of Syrian intelligence agents still operating inside Lebanon. This includes the infiltration by Syria of the Lebanese security forces, some of whom are acting for Syria.”
 Michel Aoun - “Syria is trying to strengthen its hegemony in Lebanon by controlling more and more institutions,”
 Michel Aoun - “There is an independent Lebanon but there are not independent Lebanese. We don't have citizens, we have people living here. We have to change the government and the presidency. Otherwise we are going to hell.”
 Michel Aoun - “We have called for the boycott of the parliamentary elections because Lebanon is under Syrian control.”
 Michel Aoun - “This is legal process that now is up to the international community, because there is more than one country implicated.”
 Michel Aoun - “one of the great journalists who never hesitated or was afraid to say the truth and defend Lebanon.”