My Favorite Quotes
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 Leo Apotheker - “The U.S. will continue to be our growth driver. There are many opportunities for us in this marketplace.”
 Leo Apotheker - “It's truly a culture change for SAP.”
 Leo Apotheker - “Any country that can produce that many scientists and engineers has a natural potential of being a significant software producer.”
 Leo Apotheker - “In five years, I can see the emergence of a Chinese software company.”
 Leo Apotheker - “SAP is the clear market leader in the U.S. Acquisitions won't be able to change that.”
 Leo Apotheker - “Maybe not today, not tomorrow but in five years I can see the emergence of a significant Chinese operator. I believe China has more potent competitive potential than Oracle.”
 Leo Apotheker - “There are already Chinese software companies, operating in China they are fast learners ... If there will be a large software company emerging in Asia, it is likely to emerge in China first.”
 Leo Apotheker - “Many of these companies are privately owned, and they now reach a point in their evolution where they grow to the point where they may lose family control of the business.”
 Leo Apotheker - “If you ask me, do I believe there will be a Chinese competitor in a number of years, the answer is yes.”