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 Tom Cappel - “Both of them are juniors. It bodes well for the future.”
 Stephen Happel - “Detroit's not a garden place in any way, shape or form. No laying by the pool or playing golf.”
 Mike Rappel - “Special teams have been big for us all year. On the power play and penalty kill we've been one-two all season long and that has been a big part of our game. We count on at least one or two power play goals per game.”
 Stephen Happel - “I expect real GDP growth to be in the neighborhood of 4 percent this year.”
 Stephen Happel - “I see a lot of Greenspan in this housing boom. He encouraged low interest rates.”
 Michael Appel - “The hitting rock bottom theory is all very well. But it is probably possible to intervene earlier.”
 Tom Cappel - “It was definitely a wake-up call for us, so I have to look back and take it as a positive. It wasn't a positive that night, but we thought of that game as a fluke. I mean, eighth graders don't shoot that bad.”
 Jayne Appel - “Doesn't matter at all. All that matters is we got the victory.”
 Tom Cappel - “The bus driver told me we had better watch Grant. I'm not kidding. Grant and (Quentin) Lewis can shoot it. I think we were just a little more battle-tested.”
 Stephen Happel - “Greenspan's policies have created huge amounts of wealth for Arizona.”
 Martin Appel - “The intangibles she offers us are amazing. She allows us to do many different things. And we have a lot more weapons than just her.”
 Dean Cappel - “We're elated to be 3-1 right now. We've got very young team that's still learning things on a weekly basis. It's been several years since we've made the playoffs, and we like where we're at now.”
 Dean Cappel - “Dylan has only played football for two years after transferring in from Minnesota. We were a little disappointed in that penalty. We weren't happy to start on our 10.”
 Stephen Happel - “You've got two trends with this taking hold in the past four or five years.”
 Michael Appel - “You've got mass merchants who are expanding their toy space and using it to drive total store volume. These discounters are not worried about the margins they make on toys. How can you compete against that”
 Jayne Appel - “They had all the size. But we met them halfway and tried to make them score from 10 feet out instead of 5 feet out.”
 Stephen Happel - “Studies showed that maybe 60 percent of the revenues from a game are concessions - so they had a bias to price their tickets low to get people in, and then make their money on concessions. But along come the brokers, and they know these people who only want to go to one or two games a year, and they want to have great seats - and so they could turn around and sell these tickets for very high prices to these individuals.”
 Martin Appel - “I think we had some good looks early. We just missed them. If we make those shots we might get off on a roll.”
 Martin Appel - “We've been preaching about that - play based on what you know you can do well. If we play hard, execute, keep going after the loose basketballs, we can make our own luck.”
 Jayne Appel - “We stuck to the game plan and we knew what they were doing.”
 Tom Cappel - “If we play defense, we give fits, and if we don't play defense, we have fits. Julian Scott is a guy that not everyone knows about because we are so balanced and deep.”
 Stephen Happel - “They're losing this crowd of spenders.”
 Dean Cappel - “On that play, you have to give Coal City's safety credit. We planned earlier to use that play and we kept our tight end to block. Carpenter noticed that and drifted over to the middle of the field for the interception. We dug ourselves a tough hole but we survived.”
 Stephen Happel - “The laws across the country have been loosened, by and large. Most states have backed off. The reason is that the problem that you're going to have is that there is always going to be a secondary market - and if you're going to try to stop it, you're going to have to pass more and more onerous laws.”
 Dean Cappel - “In the second half, and I don't have any numbers as far as time of possession goes, but we really controlled the ball. We had a 98-yard drive after the interception and took control on both sides of the ball.”

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