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 Richard Appell - “He came to us and got us out of trouble. ... He's a very talented guy. I know, if he wanted to, he could've left us a while ago. I was just hoping he'd stay with us a bit longer.”
 Greg Chappell - “In what context he said it, nobody knows. You got to get the truth.”
 Lori Chappell - “You really have to see the grounds to understand how populated they are.”
 Greg Chappell - “I regularly watch the scorecards of all Ranji matches.”
 William Chappell - “I think women get a little crazier when they run in packs. They want to outdo each other.”
 Greg Chappell - “Pakistan would be confident after their series win over England. The series will be a very close and good contest and if all the players play to their potential we're in for some wonderful cricket.”
 Ronnie Chappell - “BP Amoco is one of the few companies in the world that has publicly announced to comply with the Kyoto Protocol. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 percent of 1990 levels by 2010,”
 Richard Appell - “That was a shock. I know Peter very well. He's a knowledgeable man, but to put something like that in writing ... .”
 Ben Chappell - “This is a huge, huge win for us. All four seniors have played all four years. We got to the regional championship last year and lost it. It was our goal to get here and win it.”
 Tom Chappell - “We are in the process of researching and getting our family foundation established. But it will not be funded in the next two years.”
 Greg Chappell - “I'm hoping that he will pass on the knowledge and experience he has gained from playing for 16 years to the next generation,”
 Greg Chappell - “It was nothing, we were just discussing cricket. Why do you people have to read more into everything”
 Lori Chappell - “Extreme Sunday started because of the impression that things were closing. Now it's a day that fairgoers look forward to because there's so much fun going on, it's a must-go day for the fair, and you shouldn't notice if it's the first Sunday or the second Sunday.”
 Greg Chappell - “Differences are a fairly normal thing happening in cricket. But you can understand I am not in a position to speak about it to you at this stage.”
 William Chappell - “Revenue came in a little bit lower than expected, but that has to do with timing of shipments. As investors start to digest today's news the stock will move higher.”
 Greg Chappell - “I think the media gets a lot excited at such happenings,”
 Ben Chappell - “I think it's important because everybody should be treated fair. Nobody should be treated on how they look or not. It doesn't matter what they look like. It just matters what they are like from the inside.”
 William Chappell - “Clearly, management should have taken a closer look at Holmes' forecast when it was acquired, but we do not believe that the division is losing market share.”
 Greg Chappell - “We wanted to make sure the best eleven would be selected for the match. Experience and knowledge of conditions here were also taken into account.”
 Greg Chappell - “We must be careful of not overdoing it. We must make sure we get the best out of him, not just for now but for the next two-three years.”
 Ronnie Chappell - “The steps we took to make it safe were effective. It was standing straight and tall when we returned.”
 Greg Chappell - “I have seen some terrifically exciting changes with young players coming into the squad which is reinvigorated. The older players and the whole group has been refreshed by the youth and enthusiasm that has come into the team. I think that has been misunderstood and misrepresented in certain quarters to the detriment of Indian cricket.”
 Greg Chappell - “I sent a private and confidential e-mail to the president of BCCI,”
 Caroline Chappell - “What operators should be doing - and what the standards bodies working in this area are encouraging them to do - is to create a policy architecture a unified framework that embraces all the layers of policy needed in their organization.”
 Greg Chappell - “Most games at the international level are played in very good spirit. There are some personality clashes from time to time and there's a bit of emotion that comes out from each game. If there's no emotion in cricket at this level it would not be worth watching.”

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