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 Greg Chappell - “I don't think he is far away from being in very good form. If he gets the sort of conditions that allow for good batting, I have no doubt that he will bat well.”
 Paul Chappell - “The real thumb can move in five types of way. We have managed to create a thumb that can mimic at least two of these like hold a ball, move the thumb and middle finger, as when unlocking the door or gripping an object like a hammer or microphone,”
 Greg Chappell - “Any discussion on selection from this point has to have in mind the 2007 World Cup,”
 Greg Chappell - “It is disappointing that what was a private discussion between the captain and myself has become a cause of public speculation,”
 Greg Chappell - “It is disappointing that what was a private discussion between the captain and myself has become a cause of public speculation. Even more disappointing is that much of what has been written does not represent the discussion fairly,”
 Greg Chappell - “It was a frank discussion about Indian cricket, present and future, and much of what I said was aimed at motivating Saurav for the Bulawayo test. In that regard our exchange was beneficial.”
 Ronnie Chappell - “We disagree with the substance and characterization of the alleged violations. We'll be seeking an informal settlement conference with the agency to resolve these differences.”
 Ronnie Chappell - “Our goal is to make the refinery as safe as we possibly can. We are disappointed by the citations. We disagree with the substance and characterization of many of the alleged violations.”
 Ronnie Chappell - “The decision was made to proceed speedily and appropriately to bring UU4 down, weighed against the alternative of shutting down multiple units, creating significant other risks,”
 Richard Appell - “I will see that you get a response on all those issues. I appreciate you raising these concerns, and I can assure you, they have not fallen on deaf ears.”
 Jim Chappell - “In America, art has always been suspect and accused of being effete. We are growing beyond that as a culture, just as San Francisco is growing beyond its fear of modern architecture.”
 Greg Chappell - “I have to let it wash by and say people have their reasons for saying what they do and I can't be distracted by that and do what I believe in. At the end of my time, whenever that might be, the team and therefore I will be judged ultimately on the results we achieve, not whether I have been able to convince this or that member of the media that what we are doing is in the best interests of Indian cricket.”
 Ronnie Chappell - “I think we are eager to finish negotiation of the contract and to make it public. We expect the contract to receive significant public scrutiny.”
 Greg Chappell - “Oh, he is a class act, no doubt. He has so many strokes and can be murderous at times. The only thing is that he needs to be consistent and enjoy what he is doing. I feel at times he is a bit too harsh on himself.”
 Greg Chappell - “The failure of openers is cause of concern. But then the Sri Lankan fast bowlers seem to be quite good”
 Richard Appell - “Even though Peter may not be here, we have a very strong consultant and construction company to get us through that. ... I will give (Lopez) a letter of recommendation wherever he goes.”
 Ronnie Chappell - “BP is a company that people can feel good about investing with. Yale is smart to have it in its portfolio.”
 Lori Chappell - “The Hispanic community is very vital, and we need to stay on top of that.”
 Paul Chappell - “The aim is to create a hand with the sort of functionality a human hand has but also a sense of touch. This will let the hand know how tightly to grip an object like a coffee cup without dropping it, but not so tightly that it's crushed. It'll also have an integrated slip-sensor which will tell the hand if something is beginning to slip out of its grip so it can grip slightly harder. It'll be quite a clever system.”
 Greg Chappell - “We won't have a long duration camp. We had lot of cricket over the last few months. So, we will probably get together only the day before we leave for Pakistan.”
 Caroline Chappell - “The nature of the telecom service business is changing -- services are becoming more numerous, varied, and complex. Operators expect to sell hundreds if not thousands of services, which means service delivery may soon require a wide range of policy-based variables, including presence management, time of day, device type, subscriber permission, subscriber preference, subscriber age, location, role, billing arrangement, and many others. Operators will need to store the expanding range of parameters that can be applied to individual subscribers and check against these to see which features apply as soon as a user requests a service.”
 Ian Chappell - “Greg can be a very patient man, much more diplomatic than either his father or his elder brother. However, if you don't want to hear the truth, then don't ask him for a frank opinion. Greg grew up in a household where frank opinions were served up at breakfast more often than cereal and fruit juice.”
 Ben Chappell - “People need to know about the person who saved black people's rights.”
 Greg Chappell - “Sourav and I discussed the balance of the team and there were a number of issues but that's all I want to say at this stage.”
 Greg Chappell - “Saurav and I discussed the balance of the team and there were a number of issues but that's all I want to say at this stage.”

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