My Favorite Quotes
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 Michelle Applebaum - “It was a blow-out quarter, they did an incredible job. They blew away the consensus (forecast), and first-quarter guidance looks good.”
 Michelle Applebaum - “It's the smallest of the majors, and they have an automotive-market niche, and some people think that's extremely attractive.”
 Matt Applebaum - “He's really good at moving people off the ball.”
 Matt Applebaum - “We have the same mentality. We just have to get the job done. It's one thing to say and another to do it. But that's our job. If we're running the ball, we've got to open up holes. If we're passing the ball, we've got to make sure Bones doesn't get touched.”
 Michelle Applebaum - “You don't know if this will be the shareholders' choice, or a political choice. For the steel industry, this is Microsoft buying Apple.”
 Michelle Applebaum - “You've got to think of the value of the iron ore business.”