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 Stuart Appleby - “I think that there was definitely a 6-under score had to be had out there by somebody. I was fortunate enough where my round wasn't clean and perfect, but there were enough shots where I hit it good enough to give myself opportunities and I had a couple of good breaks.”
 Stuart Appleby - “I hit it good enough to give myself opportunities. Could have been better, but could have also not chipped in and made some other stuff.”
 Stuart Appleby - “There's a lot of golf, 25 percent of the tournament still left out there. I might be leading - but that only means that I'm leading.”
 Stuart Appleby - “After the Presidents Cup I had two weeks off, followed by a tournament, the Australian Open, followed by another week off, a week of practice and then came here. There wasn't like a big cross through December where there was no golf.”
 Stuart Appleby - “Everything is just so condensed here. You couldn't fit nine holes of golf on this place from last week's layout not even that, six holes if you're lucky. It is very claustrophobic and small. So, you have to be more accurate. I haven't been accurate enough in tee shots andor greens, but I've managed to hide that through scrambling.”
 Stuart Appleby - “If anyone gets to double figures, that would be excellent golf.”
 Stuart Appleby - “It's smaller targets off the tee and smaller greens. But the type of golf you have to play controlling the ball, controlling the flight is very, very similar.”
 Stuart Appleby - “You can't run away from the pack if you aren't running away from it. Running away would be six shots up with six holes to play. That would be pretty much a run away. There is a lot of golf, 25 of the tournament still left out there.”
 Stuart Appleby - “Absolutely. What I'm trying to do is get better at having a well-rounded game. I know that that quality of golf is going to put me in contention more often, and that's really what it is about -- being in contention.”
 Stuart Appleby - “It's smaller targets off the tee and smaller greens. But the type of golf you have to play controlling the ball, controlling the flight is very, very similar.”
 Stuart Appleby - “I knew the guy was putting great, doing everything great. It was a real thrill. Chris and I have had some good matches, but this was by far the best.”
 Stuart Appleby - “It's a good idea, though, ... Maybe I should try that out.”
 Stuart Appleby - “I was slightly disappointed, but also encouraged, because I put myself in position to win a major, which is all even Tiger says he tries to do.”
 Stuart Appleby - “I never got to the point of needing drugs or thinking about giving up myself.”
 Stuart Appleby - “Getting through the nights is the toughest part. Being alone. Not having her there to talk to.”
 Stuart Appleby - “I don't know where 12 months has gone.”
 Stuart Appleby - “I don't remember too many rounds where you get shots given to you. Usually, ones are taken away.”
 Shiri Appleby - “They ask questions like 'do you believe in aliens' and those types of things. They were really interested in aliens, and that was really something that the Japanese have an interest in, and they are also very big fans of romances.”
 Shiri Appleby - “The people were just so lovely and accommodating and had really interesting questions and it was just interesting to see how the show is actually received in so many different countries.”
 Shiri Appleby - “She wasn't as naive and innocent as she was in the first season.”
 Shiri Appleby - “I took my waitress uniform. Seemed fitting.”
 Shiri Appleby - “I think from here on it's up to me to prove that I'm growing up and that I have other things to say, but in terms of the show it definitely gave me all of the opportunities I've had so far.”
 Stuart Appleby - “I've watched tournaments where players had big victories and thought, 'I don't know how easy it would be or how crazy it would be. I felt comfortable and relaxed knowing there was no way I could mess up the tournament.”
 Stuart Appleby - “It is a confidant feeling that you like the way your game feels. I find that every time I have played well and won, I have always had it going to the tournament.”
 Stuart Appleby - “I'm trying to play well all the time. I think that's an addictive thing you want to get into and you keep going and keep playing until it gets out of tune.”

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