My Favorite Quotes
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 Kari Appler - “Momentum is building for smoke-free measures around the region. It's just a matter of time before there is statewide legislation to ban smoking in restaurants and bars.”
 Kari Appler - “It's a good time of year. Legislation is at the forefront of people's minds.”
 Kim Kappler - “She hated being in a cage. She cried and cried, so she went home with a volunteer.”
 Kari Appler - “I think the entire state of Maryland and D.C. within the next two years will be smoke-free.”
 Kim Kappler - “We knew she belonged to somebody. She has people. Where were her people”
 Kari Appler - “It's definitely encouraging. I'm fairly certain that the majority of state legislators would support this if given the opportunity.”
 Kim Kappler - “People should realize that no shelter wants to take someone's pet. Animals want to be with their owners.”
 Kim Kappler - “If people have lost an animal, even six years back, please come and see these animals. Bring pictures or veterinarian records. Animals usually recognize their owners. They don't forget their people.”