My Favorite Quotes
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 Major Applewhite - “You don't have to accept it. If you accept it, you're giving up. I didn't understand it when it happened to me. Looking back, I think it was good I didn't understand it.”
 Major Applewhite - “It makes all the difference in the world,”
 Major Applewhite - “When you're that young, you can't come to grips emotionally so you isolate yourself from your teammates. So my junior and senior years, I felt it was no longer my team. I lost a lot of good relationships and friendships.”
 Major Applewhite - “People don't understand I felt I had accomplished all I wanted as a player in football.”
 Major Applewhite - “There's time where you have to have fun, ... The grind of the camp becomes too much for the psyche of a college player. You have to always, constantly try to be on the same page with your players. You can't let them get too far away where you can't tell what they're thinking or what they're feeling. At the same time, it's not a sit-around-the-camp-fire session every day where we are discussing our feelings.”