My Favorite Quotes
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 Julaine Appling - “These legislators did the right thing and recognized the importance of letting Wisconsin citizens have their say in November.”
 Randy Appling - “The last two weeks, it's the first time we've had everybody healthy and eligible all season.”
 Julaine Appling - “Marriage is not just about two loving and committed people. Marriage is a social institution that provides a social good, and a public good.”
 Randy Appling - “We cut it to four in the fourth quarter, but we couldn't catch a break and couldn't make a basket when we needed to.”
 Julaine Appling - “I disagree that this is taking rights away from people.”
 Julaine Appling - “NBC in Madison should have been more concerned. I don't think at all that it's a fair depiction of Christianity.”
 Julaine Appling - “That does not stop people in those relationships from going through legal means of getting for instance, health care power of attorney.”
 Julaine Appling - “We view this campaign more as a marathon than we do a sprint.”