My Favorite Quotes
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 Bobby April - “The only thing I was concerned about is it looked to me from the sideline like (Thomas) might have chopped Mark Campbell to cause the pileup, which is illegal. If he didn't do that, then the kid made a great play.”
 Bobby April - “I spent the last month looking at special teams film, mornings and afternoons. Go home at night and I'm watching horror film, watching all the misery, looking at all those people having their lives changed forever.”
 Bobby April - “J.P. has a great upside. He's got three things going for him, his athleticism, his work ethic, and his thirst for competition. Some of our fans are disappointed in our record. But, even if we were 0-3, our mind-set would still be the same. We've got a plan and we're sticking to it.”
 Bobby April - “He was unbelievable, really. You come out of nowhere to go to the Pro Bowl, that's a great achievement. That says a lot about him.”