My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Aptor - “It's not just one project the technology will only give you 20 of the ROI. Process changes will give you 50 of the ROI, and the last 30 of that ROI equation is the people -- that's your change-management piece.”
 Dan Aptor - “It was one of those things where, if the IT department isn't asking the right questions, then the business side is probably not providing the right answers. Then you've got to back step and redesign things.”
 Dan Aptor - “Access to information was really limited. We had fragmented data sources, inconsistent metrics across the business, model assumptions that were different from business to business. It was a really fragmented way of doing business.”
 Dan Aptor - “It's very much a sensitivity model you don't know what your business looks like a month out. If it rains tomorrow, or it rains for the next week, then you're missing your entire month or quarter. It's a thin business as far as margins are concerned.”