My Favorite Quotes
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 Al Aqsa - “We have agreed today to establish five new camps for training and hosting 'stragglers,'”
 Al Aqsa - “We liberated a small part of our motherland and we will not give up our weapons before the end of occupation in all the Palestinian territories.”
 Al Aqsa - “We will continue to brandish our weapons in the face of the occupation (Israel) as Gaza is only the first step towards the liberation of all of the land of Palestine,”
 Al Aqsa - “We will continue martyrdom operations throughout Palestine until the occupation leaves. The barriers of shame and disgrace set up by the Zionists shall face more blows,”
 Al Aqsa - “The events prove that Israel was neither a neighbor nor a peace partner. It is no more than an enemy,”
 Al Aqsa - “The occupation will pay a heavy price for this crime,”
 Al Aqsa - “The loss of the West Bank was a shock to everyone,”