My Favorite Quotes
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 Nashat Aqtash - “Two states is a very accepted solution now to everybody in Palestine. Who can destroy Israel We cannot destroy Israel - and we don't want to destroy anybody. We want to gain some of the land given to us according to international resolutions.”
 Nashat Aqtash - “We are just screaming and shouting, and nobody knows the story. People think we are occupying Israel. We need to address Westerners differently. We need to talk their language.”
 Nashat Aqtash - “The Western media works within a culture, and if you address them based on our culture it will look different. Sometimes it looks stupid. Sometimes it looks terrorist.”
 Nashat Aqtash - “When it comes to their resistance, people have a right to be worried, because more than anything right now we need someone who is going to make our life easier. But the social work softens that, and this is the direction they took in the campaign.”
 Nashat Aqtash - “It's a stupid idea to believe that somebody can destroy Israel now. The moment Israel complies and accepts for us to live in a state beside Israel, I assure you we, the independent Palestinians, will fight anybody who threatens that agreement.”