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 Brian Arabia - “We're seeing good demand for the euro.”
 Saudi Arabia - “King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has chosen Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz as Crown prince in accordance with Article 5 of the basic system of government,”
 Saudi Arabia - “Don't kiss my hand,”
 Saudi Arabia - “a generous humanitarian act.”
 Saudi Arabia - “very supportive of this idea.”
 Saudi Arabia - “They think the Fifteen were protecting Islam. Most of the guys here want to become heroes protecting Islam.”
 Saudi Arabia - “The other contents of the Prophet's room are preserved and none of them were lost since the entry into Mecca and Medina by the late King Abdulaziz,”
 Saudi Arabia - “A U.S. counter-terrorism official said bin Laden promised that the results ... will be known within weeks.”
 Saudi Arabia - “in light of the recent assessment of the magnitude of the tragedy.”
 Saudi Arabia - “Both countries always stood by each other during every test and trial.”
 Saudi Arabia - “an election ploy requested by (Vice President) Al Gore. It seems that his request was granted by Clinton.”
 Saudi Arabia - “Saudis should first allow women to drive, as is the case in Iraq,”
 Saudi Arabia - “Freedom of religion, the report said, does not exist ... women have few political or social rights and are not treated as equal members of society.”
 Saudi Arabia - “women will be able to fully participate in society.”
 Saudi Arabia - “announce new procedures with respect to how charities work abroad.”
 Saudi Arabia - “Saudi Arabia-based and funded organizations remain a key source for the promotion of ideologies used by terrorists and violent extremists around the world to justify their hate-filled agenda.”
 Saudi Arabia - “We expect that they must have lived here quite some years and fully orient themselves to what is expected of them here,'' Syeed said.”
 Saudi Arabia - “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia categorically rejects such terrorist acts that target the lives of innocent people and create chaos and destruction.”
 Saudi Arabia - “It plays into their hands, ... If we tell people to leave, we are driving the price up of hostages and that encourages more attacks.”
 Saudi Arabia - “find room to respect people of different faiths and different faith traditions.”
 Saudi Arabia - “Another official said talk of a 90-day ultimatum or an official demarche ... ideas kicked around by people but not ideas that are anywhere close to making it to the president's desk.”
 Saudi Arabia - “OK, what are our procedures for distributing the ATO (air tasking order) in event of satellite failure”
 Saudi Arabia - “We are dealing with people who have a tendency to blow themselves up and it we know they have a significant number of weapons and explosives,”
 Saudi Arabia - “The embassy in Riyadh contacted the Saudi authorities immediately after the broadcast last night,”
 Saudi Arabia - “this news very seriously.”

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